Friday, October 2, 2015

If Luck scratches, you have to consider Hasselbeck at $4,800

Here is the news from Rotoworld this morning:

Call me crazy, but I like my starting quarterback's practicing.  According to, two books (MGM Mirage and William Hill) have pulled action on this game until they know more.  The good news is that we will KNOW soon as the game is on the Sunday morning slate.

I decided to take a look at what kind of team I could build with Matt Hasselbeck ($4,800) starting.  Note:  This also assumes Julio is good to go as well.  

You can be the judge, but against JAX at home, I will roll with Matt Hasselbeck and this kind of stacked lineup for some of my cash action.


  1. Hasselbeck is in. Still like this lineup as is? Another variation would be swap Fitz or Cooper for D Thomas and switch L Murray to J Charles or Peterson.

    1. I am rolling with this with just one change. I am going with Hauschka at PK

    2. Are you still playing Rodgers in cash or exclusively leaning towards Hasselbeck?

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    4. Thanks DD. Another variation would be Lambo at K and D Thomas could be ODB - but I see you have ODB and Thomas ranked equally for FD.

      One last Q -how do you like this compared with your Rodgers and Carr lineups for cash?

    5. Basically, I'm curious on your take of hedging with multiple cash lineups vs the belief that this practice lowers your winning % vs. playing what you view as your strongest lineup only for cash.

      Personally, I think hedging with lineups that have different QB's - such as with these 3 lineups with Rodgers, Carr, and Hasselbeck all can cash since they are equally strong - just at different positions.

      I really value your thought process, DD - your Cracking Fanduel book is top-notch. In fact, I prob need to go back and re-read - the answer to my question here might be in there! :)

    6. I have 5 different cash lines. Two with Rodgers, one with Hasselbeck, one with Carr, and one with Dalton. I rank the Hasselbeck roster 2nd right now behind my favorite Rodgers roster.

    7. Excellent - really appreciate your feedback. My variations are similar to yours - let's have a great weekend of NFL DFS!!!

      BTW, been a subscriber to FBG for about 5 years - been a tremendous help to my season long FF leagues during that span. Been following your FD blogs closely since last year. Listen to the podcasts, too. Huge fan. Thank you so much for all the awesome work you and your team do here at FBG!

    8. Just saw on that Forte may be traded. Hope the Bears aren't overly cautious with him today.