Friday, October 16, 2015

Staff Friday Cash Plays Week Six

Here we go into the heart of the NFL season - the trends are discernible after five games played by (most of) the teams in the NFL, and now the injury bug is biting to make potential value guys emerge - what is Kansas City going to do post-Jamaal Charles?

Speaking of injuries, anyone considering plugging in a player with a known injury issue this weekend should carefully examine Craig Zumsteg's Injury Report Insight column as well as Dr. Jene Bramel's materials on this blog and also at

Subbing for Freeman

Looking at the Staff Lineups for Sunday cash games - with Devonta Freeman off the board after Thursday Night Football, I see one popular substitute in the Sunday Lineups - Freeman was on 10 Thursday lineups, and of those lineups seven writers have submitted Sunday Lineups - Matt Forte ($8,400) shows up on four rosters in place of Freeman. Justin Forsett ($7,600) is in place of Freeman on one lineup; Dion Lewis is also swapped in for Freeman on one lineup ($7,200). Meanwhile, I swapped out both backs - Forte and Freeman (Thursday) for Lamar Miller ($6,400) and Chris Ivory ($7,300) (Sunday).

No Love for K.C.'s Backups?

Only one expert is rolling the dice on Jamaal Charles' replacement player - Justin Howe has Charcandrick West (6,200) dialed up - nobody has Knile Davis in play.


Six of the 10 lineups submitted for Sunday Cash Lineups as of this writing have Larry Fitzgerald ($7,500) in play, and he is paired with Eric Decker ($6,100) four times. It's hard to argue with a player who has averaged 20.1 fantasy points per game at $7,500 - he's almost got 3x his price point in averaged scoring, for heaven's sake!

Brady and Palmer

Tom Brady ($9,000) and Carson Palmer ($8,000) are the most popular choices for Sunday lineups appearing on three squads each, followed by Brian Hoyer ($6,700) on two lineups. The tasty lineups against the vulnerable Colts' and Steelers' defenses fueled the continuing interest in the two top quarterbacks, and of course the Colts' role in "Deflategate" is due for a reckoning on the field this weekend.

Jet-Powered D

The Jets' turnover-seeking defense ($4,800) against interception-machine Kirk Cousins and a mostly-ailing Washington offense (Jordan Reed, concussion; DeSean Jackson, hamstring injury; Matt Jones, sprained big toe) has our fantasy experts excited - six of the 10 poll members that have submitted a lineup as of this writing have plugged in the Jets, followed by el-cheapo $4,100 Tennessee (three staffers picked Tennessee for Sunday lineups).

Have fun watching all the games this weekend - I hope everyone enjoys their NFL Game Day! 


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