Sunday, October 4, 2015

Posted without further comment


  1. Well played DD. Can I drop him from my yearly league for Tannehill or Carr?

  2. David, when you are doing your cash game research and selecting your shortlist of players how liberal are you with the criteria laid out in the Cracking Fanduel books on player selection?

    One example where this could be hard is the Quarterback criteria of selecting players projected to hit 2.1x of their salary AND laying in a game with over unders of >= 50. Both last week and this week didn't have any games that fit the o/u. Do you just adjust that number down to whatever the highest 2 or 3 O/U's are for the week? Do you have a threshold for team total that you use instead?

    Another example is the Home criteria for WR's (see Larry Fitz this week) or the 2x salary for running backs (only Charles, Bell, Freemen, Forsett hit that this week).

    Maybe just comment on how closely you abide by these criteria and if you make exceptions, what qualifies in a cash game.

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