Thursday, October 1, 2015

Staff Thursday Cash Plays - Week 4

Everything seemed to get back on track in the NFL’s Week 3, as the underdogs who surprised everyone in Week 2 (and ruined a lot of Suicide Pools) looked like the teams we thought they would be and some of the teams who started rough (we’re looking at you Chip Kelly), bounced back.

Of course, we all know how unpredictable it can be in the NFL.

Most DFS players bounced back as well (I know I did), and so the staff got together our lineups (which you can check out fully here) with a bit more spring in our collective step this week.

Before we get started, a side note – Hurricane Joaquim is likely to impact the Washington-Philadelphia game, so keep that in mind. Alex Miglio had a nice impact write-up, so check it out.  

Staff Trends

Karlos Williams
Even before the news broke that LeSean McCoy was not playing this weekend against the battered Giants defense and his price of $6300 is a bargain at twice that this weekend. With some of the uncertainty around a few of the top backs (Marshawn Lynch for example), Williams could give you Adrian Peterson/Le’Veon bell numbers for a lot less.

Destination: Oakland
As predicted, lots of people starting players from the usual fantasy force: the Oakland Raiders.

Wait, what?

OK, while nobody predicted that, Derek Carr ($7000) came back from his Week 1 injury and is playing very well, helped in part by rookie Amari Cooper. Cooper isn’t going to make you overlook Julio Jones or Larry Fitzgerald, but he is a great producer for the price of $7200, though that price is rising steadily.  

On top of that, we have them facing Chicago. I love this stack myself. Latavius Murray also got some love, though I myself don’t love the $7500 price. Still, he played well last week and again: Chicago.  

Aaron Rodgers
Of course, Rodgers isn’t a value (which is why he isn’t in the value section below), but even $9200 isn’t all that much to pay for a guy who puts up ridiculous numbers every week, especially with Tom Brady on the shelf for an early bye. Several staff members are playing him, and it’s interesting that we see more of him now, with Brady out.

I suppose only one top stud at a time at quarterback.

Glaring Omissions
Adrian Peterson
A high price ($9000) coupled with a tough matchup (vs. Denver) kept Peterson on the shelf for the staff this week. Whereas you won’t bench Peterson in a year-long league, fading him in this situation makes sense. You can get production elsewhere for less (see Williams, Karlos) and stack up at another area.

Antonio Brown and Le’Veon Bell
While I expected people to back off Brown with Ben Roethlisberger sidelined, I’m a little surprised nobody used him, especially considering many players are likely to fade him this week. Same thing with Bell, especially since in his case, the Steelers are likely to use him more. Both coast $8900, so the price was likely the culprit and it certainly was part of the reason I left them on the shelf.

Diamonds in the Rough
Percy Harvin- $5700
We talked about Karlos Williams above, but with Sammy Watkins along with LeSean McCoy, that lifts Harvin a little. He has a great matchup, is a good price and might get overlooked a little compared to guys like Julio Jones, AJ Green and Larry Fitzgerald.
Cam Newton- $8300

Newton put the offense on his back last week and, with some help from Greg Olsen, put up really nice points. His price almost makes him less a hidden gem than an underrated fantasy start, but with so few passing options, and a weak first two games, he might get underutilized.

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