Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Hurricane Warning: Fade Philadelphia vs. Washington

In non-football news that affects football, it seems we may be in for our first major weather event of the year. Hurricane Joaquin is currently bearing down on the middle Atlantic coast, and it could wreak havoc on Sunday.

The storm track as of Wednesday evening.

Word broke today that the Philadelphia-Washington game scheduled in the nation's capital may actually be postponed due to the storm. Fortunately for the NFL, both teams actually have a Week 8 bye they can fall back to if necessary.

Storm tracks are cone-like for a reason -- there is a reason meteorologists don't constantly win the lottery -- so it's quite possible the storm will stay out at sea without making any sort of landfall or hit North Carolina well before it gets to Washington D.C. But the threat of postponement coupled with the likelihood of nasty weather regardless of landfall means you should probably fade Washington and Philadelphia players in Thursday contests. Without the ability to late-swap, you could be stuck with goose eggs in your lineup.

UPDATE: The NOAA thinks Joaquin may not be close to Washington D.C. until Monday, now.

The storm track as of Thursday morning.

If Joaquin continues to slow or stays on this track, the game might actually be safe. Keep an eye on it through this evening, but it might still be best to fade the contest in Thursday night slates. You never know if it might speed up and slam Virginia on Sunday.

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