Friday, November 20, 2015

Staff Friday Cash Plays

The annual Turkey-and-Pro-Football Harvest Festival (aka. Thanksgiving) is just around the corner, and the Footballguys are charging into Week 11 with another round of Friday Staff Cash Plays - thanks for checking in and reviewing our guys' angles on this weekend's games!

As kickoff approaches, I urge everyone to take a few moments of your prep time to check out Dr. Jene Bramel's and Craig Zumsteg's injury coverage at - you'll be glad you did! 

Reviewing this week's roster selections, Darren McFadden ($6,800) is getting a lot of love from the staff (he's on seven out of 12 rosters submitted by the time of this post) - but there is a red flag here because McFadden has either suffered a new groin injury as of Wednesday or aggravated a preexisting groin injury (how long he's been dealing with the injury is unclear - McFadden was not on the Week 10 injury report). Perhaps there was more to last week's dud of a game against Tampa than we knew heading into Week 10. In any case, keep tabs on McFadden's status heading into the Sunday games, everyone!

The Other Johnson - as Andrew Garda noted on Staff Thursday Cash Plays, Stevie, and not Calvin, Johnson is a popular play this week, and that trend continued into the weekend lineups -  seven rosters feature Stevie Johnson ($5,600) as one of their three wideouts - the injuries to Keenan Allen (lacerated kidney, on IR) and Malcom Floyd (torn labrum in his shoulder, out this weekend) have devolved the #1 wide receiver role onto Johnson's shoulders. We'll see if he thrives in that capacity (readers will note that I am in the minority here, but I am avoiding Johnson this week until we see how he does as the lead Chargers' receiver). 

Cams and Carrs - Cam Newton ($8,600) and Derek Carr ($7,700) are both in favorable matchups against defensively-challenged teams - the Footballguys' staff has responded by featuring each quarterback on three of the 12 rosters in play (25% of the rosters for each player). Newton is stacked with Greg Olsen ($6,400) twice, while Carr is paired with Amari Cooper ($7,200) and Michael Crabtree ($6,500) once each. As individuals, Cooper is on four rosters while Crabtree shows up in three instances - the Staff (as a collective) is not sure which receiver will generate a better value during Week 11 - or it may be because the Lions are so sorry that everyone expects both guys to have huge games...

Seahawks and Panthers and Bears - here's why! - Seattle is the clear consensus choice with seven owners opting to go with Seattle ($5,400) clashing at home with the Blaine-Gabbert-led Santa Clara 49ers. However, the Panthers ($4,900 at home vs. Washington) and the Bears ($4,200, at home vs. the Brock Osweiler-led Broncos) both have two adherents. Each quarterback is likely going to be dared to pass the football by the respective defenses in play, and it looks like our staffers are counting on multiple turnovers and low-scoring offensive production by Santa Clara, Washington and Denver to help pad their DFS scores here in Week 11. Those sound like reasonable notions to me!

Good luck everyone! Enjoy the games on Sunday/Monday night!

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