Tuesday, August 18, 2015

DFS College Football is Coming!

Utah Utes RB Devontae Booker
DFS College Football has been growing at a tremendous pace and heading into the 2015 season, we at Footballguys are excited to start bringing our subscribers weekly content for the sport.  CFB differs from the NFL game in real life and in the DFS world. I want to share a few tips and suggestions on how to build a successful DFS CFB team each week and what to look for in the process. Information and statistics are the big key in constructing a lineup and once you can learn how to collect the data you are going to be much more likely to dip your toes in the College DFS game.  I remember my first time playing College DFS, I was initially overwhelmed by the amount of teams and players and I remember thinking that I knew very little about the game and did not know where to even start with putting a team together. Once I overcame that initial fear and just played the game I realized there were many advantages of College DFS and it instantly became one of my favorite sports to play in the DFS world. A lot of the big players in the College DFS business have referenced it as "Fantasy Football on Steroids", and until you play the game for yourself you can't fully understand that statement.

Get ready to put in the time each week and follow along with the Footballguys DFS CFB team to get the weekly information that you need to put you ahead of the competition. I wanted to list some tips and suggestions on how I became a better CFB player as last year I finished the year inside the top 50 ranked players over at Rotogrinders and go by the screen name Eaglezzz.

1. No Kickers or Defense on both FanDuel and DraftKings

2. The TE position can be a total crapshoot each week. You either pay up for a top TE or take a gamble on a minimum salary guy.

3. When selecting a QB you have a lot more options then NFL as there are more teams and more QB's that can be dual threats on the ground and through the air. Don't be afraid to spend on QB and get one that can do it all for his team.

4. Bigger game slates and a wider variety of Vegas Odds with huge over/under's and wider point spreads. 

5. Small school players are lesser known and it is much easier in College DFS to find value plays and sleepers that might be over looked by your competition.

6. QB/WR Combo's are similar to NFL but can have even a bigger impact on the outcome of your fantasy team as in college the QB can lock onto their favorite WR more frequently and multi touchdown games are what will separate your team from your competitors.

7. Finding injury news is much different in college then it is in NFL. Where to find this information and how to use it to your advantage when creating a lineup. You will find more late scratches in College as injury news often gets less reported over social media and is much harder to track down.

8. Vegas point spreads are an even better basis to build a team around in the College game but also that is the same idea that a lot of your competitors are using and some of the mid level Vegas point spreads and totals go over looked and the more you dive into the numbers you can find some very good alternative plays in those areas without maximizing your risk.

9. Read, listen, learn, study as much new information as you can each and every week as the amount of fantasy College information online is only a sliver of what you can find in the NFL. 

10. If you play Cash games make sure to post your games early and tweak them later. This can be a huge advantage as some may miss out on injury news, weather updates, scratches, depth chart moves, suspensions, etc.

11. Explore the "Early Game Slates" to the "Late Game Slates". Also there are a lot of different types of game slates throughout the season (Tuesday/Wednesday or Thursday/Friday). These are often great times to enter and accumulate tickets for the games on the weekend or future contests. Often those short slate contests have a ton of overlay and there is value to be had. 

12. With the College game being on Saturday for the most part it gives you an option to play some of your bankroll and try to increase it for the NFL games on Sunday. I used this technique throughout last season and it paid off in a big way. 

13. If you are going to play college DFS make sure to play from the beginning in Week 1. It allows you to follow the players and teams that much better and be a little bit ahead of the curve on lineup construction. Also in the early Week's (Week 1 - 6) your competition is just learning and getting their feet wet so you can use that to your advantage.

For any CFB, NFL, or DFS questions please feel free to ask me over at Twitter @JamesBrimacombe


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