Monday, August 10, 2015

A DFS blog? Why?

When I tell people that Footballguys is publishing a blog about daily fantasy football, I am usually met with looks of astonishment. "What can I learn about DFS from reading blog posts?"

I'll tell you.

Most DFS players lack extensive training in their craft. Parents teach their children, starting at an early age, about sharing and hygiene and basic reading skills; but you'll be hard-pressed to find parents who emphasize even the most rudimentary DFS skills at home. The general assumption, at least in the United States, is that fantasy football doesn't need to be taught because it will be picked up naturally.

Think back to your own childhood. How many of our parents consciously taught us to find value at the kicker position as part of our upbringing? Our parents vaguely encouraged us to put together solid DFS rosters, but they themselves had never been trained in how to do that. When it comes to DFS roster construction, we are all pretty much self-taught.

Instruction in daily fantasy sports is neglected not only in the home but also at school. When we think back to our grade-school lessons, most of us remember doing addition and subtraction, but surprisingly little time was devoted to the practical application of those operations to help manage a salary cap.

In most households and schools, DFS roster construction is completely disregarded because of the misconception that skills like projecting fantasy points are best acquired through experience and therefore don't require training.

But do people with more DFS experience actually construct better rosters? Sadly, they do not. Many of them have spent so many years applying erroneous conventional approaches that they regularly overpay for blocking tight ends and struggle to find value on defense. How can they be expected to understand a concept like H-Value when they have never studied it properly?

If you, too, lack certain DFS skills, don't be discouraged. Now is the time to learn, and that's where this blog comes in. In the posts ahead, we will provide instruction regarding how to strategize around injuries, how to formulate a proper QB-WR stack, and countless other topics that have long been neglected in our educational system and in the blogosphere -- until now.

And just in time for football season!


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