Saturday, August 15, 2015

Preview: FanDuel's $100K Sun NFL Squib

There are a lot of pros and cons when it comes to entering big field GPP tournaments and often the cons are along the lines of the entry fee is just too much or the multi entry level aspect just seems like a huge disadvantage. The pros on the other hand are always swayed to the side of the big money prize at the end of the day and being the best in the DFS community for that particular day or week. There is a constant debate in the DFS community of multi-entry GPP's versus Single entry GPP's. The big bankroll players have no problems loading up on the multi-entry games but those just starting out in the world of DFS and those that like to go head to head against the field at an equal playing ground might prefer the more inexpensive single entry route.

OK first off lets just say that this tournament might be the largest single entry tournament in the history of DFS with 114,942 total entries to be had. With just under a month to go from the start of the season this thing is almost 20% filled (22,671 entries as of August 16th). The big questions are will it fill? Is there really 115,000 people playing NFL football DFS on FanDuel each week? It is going to be interesting to find out those answers but the most interesting part of this contest is who is the best GPP player on FanDuel in Week 1?

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Head on over to FanDuel and state your case as the best single entry player on the site for Week 1.

              1st: $10,000.00
              2nd: $5,000.00
               3rd: $2,500.00
               4th: $1,500.00
               5th: $1,000.00
                  6th: $750.00
          7th - 8th: $500.00
        9th - 10th: $400.00
      11th - 13th: $300.00
      14th - 17th: $200.00
      18th - 23rd: $150.00
      24th - 30th: $100.00
        31st - 40th: $75.00
        41st - 70th: $50.00
      71st - 120th: $40.00
    121st - 200th: $30.00
    201st - 300th: $25.00
    301st - 400th: $20.00
    401st - 550th: $15.00
    551st - 800th: $10.00
    801st - 1400th: $7.00
  1401st - 2500th: $5.00
  2501st - 4000th: $4.00
  4001st - 8500th: $3.00
8501st - 23025th: $2.00

*Along with Fantasy Football and DFS, one of my real passions in life is music. I always love hearing a song or band and relating it to anything and everything in life. With FanDuel's $1 single entry Squib I felt it only fitting to share a gem from The Drums, titled "Money"


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  3. One of the biggest advantages of playing in single-entry GPP tournaments is that you don't need a huge bankroll to be competitive. In fact, you can even win big with just a single entry. For example, the FanDuel's $100K Sun NFL Squib has a single-entry buy-in of just $10.

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