Thursday, August 27, 2015

Week 1 Interactive Value Chart

The Week 1 Interactive Value Chart is posted. (Subscriber only).

It has only my projections right now, but projections by David Dodds and Sigmund Bloom will be included when they are available.

Sort by projected points, value (i.e., projected points per dollar), or H-Value (described in the Cracking FanDuel book [subscriber only]).

Move players into or out of your lineup by clicking on them. Click on the green "MT" to have the app optimally (i.e., point-maximizingly based on my projections) fill in the remaining spots when there are six or fewer spots open. (When David's and Sigmund's projections are available, you'll be able to use their projections instead of mine to drive the optimization by clicking on "DD" or "SB".) Click on the green circle to the right of a player's name to eliminate him from consideration by the app.

Projections will be revised frequently between now and opening kickoff.

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