Friday, August 28, 2015

FanDuel Interview: Drew Stukas

Drew Stukas is a long-time fantasy football player and strong DFS performer at FanDuel. He was recently the subject for the Interview Series. In addition to this excerpt, check out the full article here.

Name: Drew Stukas
Twitter handle: @drewstukas
Quick bio: Graduate of Northeastern University, I also write about MLB and NHL DFS for and
Biggest DFS win: Won $10K in the $25 NHL Goal on Fanduel last winter.
Biggest DFS heartbreak: Won a ticket for the $1K Qualifier for DraftKings' live NHL final and didn't even come close.
If you had to give one piece of advice to DFS players, what would it be? 
Bankroll management is crucial. It can be tough to stick to strict bankroll management, especially with all the massive prize pools and live finals, but it is almost impossible to be successful long-term without it. 
For the full interview, check out FanDuel Interview Series: Drew Stukas over at