Wednesday, August 26, 2015

FanDuel Interview: Bill DeVault

Bill DeVault is a long-time fantasy football player and strong DFS performer at FanDuel. He was recently the subject for the Interview Series. In addition to this excerpt, check out the full article here.

Name: Bill DeVault
Twitter handle:  @B_Devault
Quick bio: I have been playing Fantasy Football for over 20 years. I Started playing DFS in 2013, joining Fanduel through an incentive from  Using that $30 deposit, I have won over $14,000 in winnings, specializing in cash games.
Biggest DFS sweat: Entered 5 lineups in a 'King of the Hill' qualifier on Draftkings.  I Fell asleep thinking I was out of it and woke up to find I placed second as the Oakland A’s stack scored 9 runs in the ninth inning. I missed qualifying by less than a point. Bummer.
Biggest DFS win: Took third place in the NBA Swat and NBA Shot same night on Fanduel - A payday of $5,000 that night.
Biggest DFS heartbreak: Every night I lose! I don’t enjoy losing to well. I accept it as part of variance, but just don’t enjoy it at all!
If you had to give one piece of advice to DFS players, what would it be?  It is easily bankroll management.  You WILL lose at times, and being strict with your bankroll will keep you from losing too much.  I learned the hard way. In 2013 I had built my bankroll from $30 to over $600, then I lost most of it in one day getting greedy.  That is when I really began to read and focus more on bankroll management.  I have never had to deposit again since that initial Footballguys offer.  I attribute it 100% to having a very strict way of betting my 5-10% each day.
For the full interview, check out FanDuel Interview Series: Bill DeVault over at

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