Monday, September 21, 2015

FanDuel Player Interview: mppe12

The goal of this interview series is to learn more about some of the top FanDuel players and hopefully improve our own daily fantasy play in the process.


Name: Mike Perez
FanDuel username: mppe12
Birthplace: Chicago IL
College: Southern Illinois University
Occupation: Owner of American Tap, a sports bar in Addison, Illinois


You were born in Chicago, so that makes your favorite NFL team the...
Chicago Bears.
Do you happen to have any favorite NFL players?
Any player that wins me a tourney lol.
Chicago fans have faced a lot of adversity, but what is your most memorable sports moment?
Still to be determined! Hopefully Watching the Cubs win World Series! Wishful thinking. :)
How many years have you played fantasy football?
For season-long leagues, I've been playing for about 16 years.
Do you play any other fantasy sports?
I just started basketball and baseball.
When did you sign up on FanDuel and how did you first hear about the site?
Heard about FanDuel on the XM radio and joined about 2 years ago.
Excluding Footballguys, do you have any go-to sites for fantasy football information or advice?
I like Rotogrinders, including Dan Back's podcasts.
Would you be able to describe your recent ascension in daily fantasy sports?
I just started regularly playing daily fantasy basketball in February after I hit a $20,000 lineup. I decided to do baseball everyday in April. I then hit on a $100,000 winning lineup for baseball along with qualifying for two World Fantasy Baseball Championship entries and two other live regional championships. I call it strategic luck! But the most important thing is to have strong BANKROLL MANAGEMENT -- I could of used that early on!
If a friend wanted to start playing on FanDuel, what advice would you offer?


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