Thursday, September 10, 2015

Musings on Minnesota Offensive Line - Adrian Peterson/Teddy Bridgewater in trouble?

This news today out of Minnesota was shared with's offensive line expert Matt Bitonti to the staff just a few minutes ago:

"After weeks of the coaches saying that they weren't concerned, [C John] Sullivan had a great lumbar microdiscectomy... He's on IR [Designated for Return] and can return week 10 at the earliest...Without him Joe Berger starts and the Min line drops to 30th overall [in the NFL]. Between this and [RT Phil] Loadholt [sent to IR August 18], been a rough off season for this unit."

The last thing I want to see for an NFL offense on the eve of regular season is a shuffling of the offensive line, but most especially the loss of the starting center. Look for San Francisco to try and exploit this instability on the line during the late Monday Night Football game - I see this as a negative for both Teddy Bridgewater/the passing game and also the rushing attack spearheaded by Adrian Peterson.

Peterson may be overpriced for Week One now at  $9,200 and I certainly won't be putting him into any of my GPP lineups at that price point with chaos/massive talent degradation on the offensive line.

Forewarned is forearmed - the Vikings' offensive line took a huge hit losing Sullivan!


  1. Teddy loves his backup center Joe Berger. Teddy was the #1 Most accurate QB under pressure last year ahead of even Drew Brees. Teddy's pocket presence is excellent so I don't know if it will hurt the passing game as much as people think. Loadholdt and Sullivan were both much better run blockers than pass blockers IMO. And Adrian is going to be as hyped as ever so while AP isn't worth the price tag this week, I wouldn't necessarily be giving up on him moving forward.

    1. Hey thanks for the input! I totally agree with you that Peterson isn't worth the price tag this week - but I won't disregard Peterson for the rest of the year, I just wouldn't plug him into DFS this week given the price point and the line woes.