Tuesday, September 8, 2015

We all Know It...So Let's Not Fight It...

It does not matter where you stood on DeflateGate or even SpyGate before it.  The Patriots have Tom Brady back and they are kicking off the 2015 NFL season at HOME.

Forget Seattle's 12th man or the crowd noise in Arrowhead.  This place is going to be maddening.  The Fans are PISSED OFF. The coach does not say much, but you know he is irked.  And Tom Brady...He is ready to smash more than his cell phone.

The fans need this game like the people of New Orleans needed their Saints after Katrina.

I am calling it now.  The Patriots are going to roll in this game.  You call what you are doing in Philadelphia uptempo?  The Patriots are going to show you uptempo.  Up by 24...time to run out the clock?  No, they will be going deep.

It's been an Us vs the World mentality in New England for awhile.  This just allows the great Hoodie to rally his whole team with the fans cheering every second of it.  There is not a chance he lets the foot off the gas pedal. You only get a few chances like this in life to collectively flip off everyone on National TV.

So what does this have to do with DFS, David?  I tell you what. I am usually the first to tell you to fade the Thursday teams.  But not this week.  Tom Brady to Gronkowski is happening at least once.  Tom is scoring multiple TDs.  Edelman is getting his.  New England Defense could also score.  The Pittsburgh defense already looked suspect.  Because I suspect this will be a blowout, I do think Antonio Brown also makes a nice play as the Steelers are going to force it into him at all costs.

Suggested Cash Lineup:

QB Tom Brady ($8,400)
RB Dion Lewis ($4,500)
RB Eddie Lacy ($8,500)
WR Antonio Brown ($9,300)
WR Davante Adams ($5,500)
WR Jordan Matthews ($6,800)
TE Rob Gronkowski ($8,100)
PK Brandon McManus ($4,500)
Def NY Jets (or NE Patriots) ($4,400 / $4,300)



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  2. David - can you please tell me where the section on the website where you, MT and SB post your suggested cash lineups for the given week has gone? I no longer see this feature on the website. Thanks in advance.

  3. still high on Abdullah given that he's listed 3rd on the depth chart?

  4. Hi David! I wanted to get your or the staff's thoughts on the effect NE's center Bryan Stork being sent back through concussion protocol after a setback, and sent to IR-DTR. Are you still bullish on Brady in cash lineups? Thanks.

  5. I am still bullish on Brady. I have pushed out Abdullah in favor of another Patriot Dion Lewis who could be starting at RB (and even if he isn't, should have a nice roll in the passing game). This allows me to get Jordan Matthews as well.

  6. Going to rain hard in Foxboro, MA tonight. Still high on Brady?

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  8. This is exactly what I needed moonshine mountain to read today. Thank you!

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