Thursday, September 10, 2015

The Forgotten GPP Stack

When you are thinking of stacking players in DFS you automatically think of going with a quarterback and a wide receiver and most times there are also plenty of other DFS players that are thinking the exact same way as you when stacking them together. Now with so much information available weekly you are having to find new ways to differentiate yourself from the masses in GPP tournaments.

One way to get off the common QB/WR stacks is to look for offensive players that have a big role in the offense but also return punts and/or kickoffs and hope to hit a home run by stacking that player with his teams Team Defense.  If that player breaks a touchdown on a return you would essentially double dip and get the 6 fantasy points for that individual player as well as the 6 points for the Team Defense.  Listed below are the top three combos for Week 1.

1) WR Jarvis Landry $6,900 + Miami Dolphins Defense $4,700
Landry is coming off an impressive rookie season where he was targeted 112 times by Ryan Tannehill and ended the season with 84 receptions, 758 yards and 5 touchdowns.  He also returned 25 punts and 34 kickoffs last season so giving yourself a small edge in having both Landry and the Dolphins defense could give you a big advantage in GPP tournaments if he happened to hit on a return touchdown. Either way even if he doesn't get a return touchdown he still has a great matchup against Washington and should pile up the receptions and offensive stats. Also the Dolphins defense is in a good position to be one of the top plays of the week regardless of this combo hitting for a touchdown.

2) WR Ted Ginn $4,500 + Carolina Panthers $4,800
What do we know about the Carolina Panthers receiving core? Well they do not have a wide receiving core so they have to count on guys like Ted Ginn to make up for it and coming in at minimum price on FanDuel he makes for a decent punt play at the WR position. He also is known for a speedster that gets to return both the kickoff and punts so he has to be on our radar in a game against a young Jaguars team that is prone to make mistakes. Ginn returned 22 kickoffs and 26 punts last year and he took one of those punts to the house for a touchdown.

3) WR Tyler Lockett $4,800 + Seattle Seahawks $5,000
To win a GPP you are going to have to take risk and find that one or two players that no one else is thinking about. With the Lockett and Seahawks combo you almost get both as it seems people will be paying down at defense and possibly making them a lesser owned play at the position. Your also get a rookie wide receiver in Tyler Lockett that is somewhat of a wildcard at what to expect in the offensive game. The Seahawks don't have a true star at the WR position and have been using a committee approach the past few seasons. Well Lockett has looked great in the preseason and can give the Seahawks an extra weapon on offense and special teams with his speed and quickness. Lockett had a punt return and a kickoff return for a touchdown in the preseason and he also caught another touchdown in limited action.



  1. Great idea. Also interesting concept, particularly for triple ups and quadruple and quintuple ups where you need a lot of points but unlike tournaments where you need as many as you can get to try a triple stack....
    Tannehill+Landry+MIA defense. Obviously if Landry hits return for TD offense isn't on the field and is more likely to be ahead and running the ball in the future, but the double points is probably going to vault you well above average. plus, it isn't like you cant get Tannehill to Landry for TD, and lots of defensive turnovers, particularly late if/when Washington is trailing.

    Another idea for the large tournaments is stacking a KR that is the #2 or #3 RBs that return kicks as big contrarian play. Like Reggie Bush, CJ Spiller (out week 1), Dexter McCluster... Or random rock bottom price WR not high on depth chart that maybe is long shot anyways, but still might make an explosive play on offense or two, particularly if there's an injury ahead of them, some trick plays, or if player is still relatively young /new to offense, or is depth behind a more popular play... B Cooks (will get more KR action with CJ Spiller out), Patterson, T Austin, Percy Harvin... Devin Hester? Andre Roberts? Jacoby Jones?

    Not good stacks for cash games, but when you need the long shot no one has rosters to have surprising performance to win, it's not a bad idea to have the player who has extra shot to return kicks for TDs too.

    1. *to be clear, I mean stacking the KR's mentioned with team defense, more as a strategy and less about this specific week.

  2. Thanks for the comments. Great first week as two out of the three stacks hit. I will be back later in the week for a new blog post for my Week 2 picks.