Thursday, September 10, 2015

Staff Thursday Cash Plays

As we finally kick off (literally and figuratively) the 2015 NFL season, it's time to crank up our Thursday lineups over at FanDuel. The staff has already started grinding as you can see, and we've taken a look at what they're doing and how they've set their lineups for this weekend.

This includes the Thursday night game as well.


Sam Bradford is a thing
The former Rams quarterback has everyone excited in this Eagles offense and it seems as if the staff is, generally speaking, happy to take the value he represents. His cost right now isn't very high, but this could be the last week you get him as a bargain. If the offense explodes, his cost will as well.

Low Risk Running Backs
For the most part, the staff approached the running back position conservatively this week. We see names like C.J. Anderson, Eddie Lacy and Jeremy Hill. Several people paired one of these guys with a riskier proposition like Benny Cunningham or Ameer Abdullah, but those staff members tended to then sink much more money into stable wide receivers. 

New York Jets get popular
A rare thing in real life, but it could be a trend in DFS games this year as the Jets look to be a very strong defensive play. Out of 13 staff this week, 9 took the Jets as their defense in FanDuel lineups. 


Fading Peterson
Only one person had Adrian Peterson in their lineups this week, with the other 13 saying 'thanks but no thanks.' Given that Phil Loadholt and now center John Sullivan are now on injured reserve, it's clear that people are feeling skittish about Peterson's ability to produce behind his offensive line, especially at the prices he is at.

No-Dell Beckham Jr
It's much the same thing when it comes to Odell Beckham Jr., where the staff seems to zig as everyone else zags. This time just two members of the crew used Beckham Jr. out of 13. That's significant from the standpoint that we expect Beckham to get a ton of use as the Giants defense falls apart and Eli Manning has to throw. However, it's again likely to be a price point issue. Coupled with the uncertain offensive line and lack of alternative targets makes people leery of him and his price tag.

There are always players who end up good values that get overlooked. Below are a few of the guys we've dug up along with some thoughts as to why they could be good plays.

Ameer Abdullah
The next Barry Sanders may be too strong a compliment, but he has looked impressive in the preseason. Joique Bell is a bit banged up so even though he might get the start, Abdullah will get carries and could see quite few. We're not sure what to make of the Chargers defense yet, and they are going to have their hands full as well against Calvin Johnson and Golden Tate. So he won't see a stacked box for most of the day if he gets the carries. 

Davante Adams
He's not a sleeper, but he's priced well enough to be one. Aaron Rodgers will throw to someone beyond Randall Cobb and as much as James Jones knows the system, he's a few years older and not what he used to be. Adams has potential.

Overall, while a few staff members are bucking trends, for the most part the guys are being pretty conservative and that makes sense. We've no idea what the year will bring, so we stick to our projections and don't risk too much.

After all, there's a lot of season left to go.

Good luck this weekend.

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