Saturday, September 19, 2015

Projecting Ownership: FanDuel Week 2

In the weekly feature 'Projecting Ownership Percentage' at, data from Thursday Night contest locks are discussed, as well as cash and tournament lineups. Here are a few highlights:

Drew Brees-Brandin Cooks is a popular stack for Week 2. The pair had a tough outing at Arizona to open the season, but getting Tampa Bay in their home dome is a strong rebound bet.

Heath Miller was sparsely owned for Thursday contests and offers a high floor for $600 less than highly-owned Jason Witten.

James Jones is getting all the ownership love in Green Bay this week. Tournament lineups can gain uniqueness with Davante Adams instead.

The Saints are an outstanding value by the Footballguys projections this week and come at a bargain basement $4,500 salary. Oh, and they are not highly-owned by Thursday Night numbers.

For the rest of the data and recommendations, check out 'Projecting Ownership Percentage' over at

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