Friday, September 18, 2015

FanDuel Roundtable

Every week a group of Footballguys staffers come together to discuss a number of topics related to playing in NFL contests at FanDuel. Various perspectives are provided, therefore, on a range of issues -- covering both general strategy and specific players under consideration for that week.

Below is a brief sample from this week's Roundtable. To read the whole thing, go here (subscriber only).


At tight end, Rob Gronkowski is arguably always a good value. But there are a lot of tight ends who are at least $2,000 cheaper and look pretty enticing. Who are some tight ends that stand out as being good values this week?
Steve Buzzard: I agree there are a lot of great deals at the tight end position this week and I think it makes sense to save money and go against Gronkowski this week which will allow you to pay up for guys at other positions. Some of my favorite cheaper plays at tight end this week are Jordan ReedHeath Miller, and Greg Olsen. Reed should see a steady increase of targets due to the injury to DeSean JacksonHeath Miller was heavily targeted in the opening weekend and for his price you can't find much better consistency. Finally, Greg Olsen let a lot of people down in Week 1, but don't let short term results affect your decisions.

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