Wednesday, September 2, 2015

FanDuel CFB Interactive Value Chart

It's football season!

The college DFS slate kicks off tomorrow. FanDuel's Thursday night contests are now open for business, and they've also released their player salaries for Saturday's early game slate.

The FanDuel CFB Interactive Value Chart (subscriber-only) is also open for business.

Like all the interactive value charts, it will be updated periodically with new projections. Our college projections are done by Devin Knotts, and the Week 1 pricing at FanDuel appears to be pretty loose. That means there are a lot of good values available. In NFL contests, very loose pricing is not advantageous because it makes it too easy for even novices to find good values. But college football is different. It's much harder for the common fan to be knowledgeable about all the teams on a given slate, so we expect many good values to go unrecognized and unexploited by many DFS players. If that turns out to be the case, the loose pricing increases the expected return for the rest of us.

Good luck this weekend!


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