Friday, September 4, 2015

Weekly Spotlight

Football is coming and the place to play one-week fantasy football is FanDuel, home to over 1.1 million winners – more than any other site. FanDuel will be paying out $2 Billion in prizes this year and this weekly spotlight is the place to go to find out what's happening each week.

Sunday Contests

The Sunday contests include FanDuel’s largest tournaments. These begin at 1pm ET on Sunday and include all of the Sunday NFL games plus the Monday night games.

Footballguys FanDuel Championship

It’s just $10 to play and the top-500 (out of 1,130) double up their cash each week. Plus Footballguys' own Joe Bryant, David Dodds, and Sigmund Bloom will be entering the contest too. And if you finish ahead of those three, you’ll be playing in a final round in Week 11 that offers $40,000 in FREE prizes. You do not want to miss out on this contest. Play now!

Sunday Million

FanDuel's largest prize pool for Week 1 is the Sunday Million. It's just $25 to play and there's $5 Million in total prizes. First place will take home a $1 Million prize and the top-46,000 entries will walk away with a cash prize too. Play now!

Sunday Rush

The Sunday Million isn't the only contest with a seven-figure prize pool. The Sunday Rush is just $5 to play and is guaranteed to pay out $1 Million in total prizes. The top-46,000 entries will win cash with $100,000 to first place. Play now!

Sunday Squib

The Sunday Squib is a single-entry tournament that’s just $1 to play and offers $100,000 in prizes with $10,000 to first place. Someone will turn $1 into $10,000 with just one entry. Why not you? Play now!

Thursday Contests

While Thursday contests normally have a smaller prize pool than the Sunday contests, they're still no slouch (as you'll find out below) and they include ALL of the NFL games each week. For insight into strategy that's specific to Thursday contests, check out this article by Footballguys' own Phil Alexander.

Thu NFL Bomb

Leading the way for the Thursday slate on FanDuel is the Thu NFL Bomb. It's just $25 to play and there's $350,000 in total prizes. First place will take home a $30,000 of those total prizes, which leaves plenty more cash for the other entries that crack the top-3,135. Play now!

Thu NFL Rush

Not far off is the Thu NFL Rush contest, which measures in at $250,000 in total prizes. At just $5 to play, it's certainly worth a look (or maybe two). And the top-10,400 will win cash with $20,000 to first place. Play now!

Sunday Afternoon Contests

FanDuel will also have Sunday Afternoon contests each week. These are posted soon after the Sunday games with a 1pm ET start time begin. Be sure to check back in the lobby if you're looking to get in on the afternoon excitement!

College Football Contests

Footballguys is going BIG with college football content this season – you can get a taste of that here. FanDuel offers college football contests throughout the week with a variety of different options. The best place to check them all out is the lobby, but a couple highlights are below.

Saturday Hail Mary

The Hail Mary is FanDuel's featured college football contest. It's just $25 to play and boasts a $200,000 prize pool. $20,000 of that prize pool goes to first place with cash prizes for the top-1,755. It starts Saturday at 12pm ET. Play now!

Playboy's College Football Championship

Do you have what it takes to book one of 70 trip packages to sunny Los Angeles for the ultimate college football showdown? The Mansion awaits - along with a hefty prize of $100,000 for first place! Punch your ticket in the weekly qualifier contests that'll run every week from now until early November. Those contests will be offered at a bunch of different entry fees and you can always find the upcoming schedule here.

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