Thursday, September 24, 2015

Staff Thursday Cash Plays - Week 3

Let’s cut to the chase—last week was rough for a lot of people. Like most things though, DFS isn’t going to wait for you to get over it, which means you have to get up, dust yourself off and get back to the grind.

As always, we’ve amassed the staff to give you some idea of how they’re bouncing back this week, which you can check out fully here.

Staff Trends

Straight Money Lynch
Of a dozen staff members, eight have Marshawn Lynch in the mix, despite some huge struggles in Week 2 and a mess of an offensive line. Of course, this week it’s all about the Chicago Bears matchup, which is too good to pass up even at $8700.

Thanks, but no thanks, Thursday
The only player to make the Thursday lineups from the actual Thursday night game was Josh Reed. No Odell Beckham Jr at all, which is interesting considering he just blew up Atlanta. It’s likely that $9100 price point that had us all fade, especially when paired with that awful offensive line. I know that was a concern for me.
Meanwhile, Reed is just $5300 and could represent some solid value, especially if he slips by owners looking at the bigger names.

Aiming for value at receiver
While there are lots of Antonio Brown/Larry Fitzgerald and a few Julio Jones picks, there were a lot more value picks at receiver. John Brown, Allen Robinson, Brandon Marshall  and Donte Moncrief all made appearances. It looks like this week, not too many people went overboard at wide receiver and spread their money into other positions.

Glaring Omissions

Adrian Peterson
Peterson continues to get faded, with only two people starting him. Part of that is the offensive line and part of that is the $8900 price which, when one pairs it with the $8700 for starting Marshawn Lynch, was a bit high for the return.

Aaron Rodgers
The difference between daily fantasy and regular fantasy gets highlighted in a lot of ways, and perhaps no more than in DFS’ treatment of Aaron Rodgers, who is a ‘must play’ every week in your regular leagues and not started by any of the staff in Week 3. It’s a combination of price ($9100 this week) and value elsewhere. Especially considering guys like Nick Foles ($6500) have really good value this week. You can get production from a cheaper guy who won’t leave you so low on points that you get left behind in your games.

Diamonds in the Rough

Richard Rodgers - $4900
Coming off back to back games of consistent targets, capped with a touchdown against Seattle, Richard Rodgers seems to be firmly in the gameplan for the Packers. Certainly he won’t supplant Randall Cobb any time soon, but as a No. 2 hasn’t quite emerged, and the quarterback is willing to throw a touchdown pass to anywhere, Rodgers might be a good alternative if you want to spend money somewhere else.

Isaiah Crowell - $6600
Duke Johnson doesn’t seem to be threatening to take the job anymore and the Oakland run defense while not a complete wreck, isn’t great. Crowell has the potential for a big game and the right price to allow you to spend money at another position.

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